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voyager revival

bringing back the voyager love anyway we can

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Name:bringing back the voyager love!
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Welcome to voyager_revival the community dedicated to reviving the fandom for this wonderful series. This community is going to have a bunch of different things going on hopefully to inspire lots of fanlove.

First up is a BIG BANG! Cause we all love them and there needs to be more fic for this show right.

There are THREE options for this Bang.
1. Big Bang : 10 000 word minimum
2. Mini Bang : 5000 word minimum
3. Tiny Bang : 1500 word minimum

So something for everyone!

February 5th - Artist and Author Sign ups
March 5th - First Author Checkin (not mandatory)
April 5th - Second Author Checkin (mandatory)
April 30th - Rough Drafts due + author signups close
May 1 - Artist Claims go up
May 30th - Artist + Author Checkin (mandatory)
June 27th - Final Drafts + Art due
June 30th - Posting Begins

Author Signups :: Artist Signups :: Beta/Cheerleading :: FAQ

General Rules
Pretty much anything goes as long as its focused on Star Trek Voyager. You can do crossovers, AUs, AR's etc etc. Anything that appeals to you. For questions, please go ask at the FAQ post.

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