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Have any plot bunnies lying around? Prompts? Ideas? Notions? Stories you wish were written but ones you cant write yourself?

Then drop them off here! And take a look for inspiration for your own bang.

As expected, must be Voyager related.
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Feel free to use any of the promos below (just copy the code underneath the one you want and post it anywhere).

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Please use the form below to sign up. You can change your story idea at any time, so what you sign up with here isn't binding.

and make sure to check out the Plot Bunnies post for inspiration or to drop off some ideas of your own.
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Please copy and paste the form below as a comment to sign up as an artist!

Types of art are varied and includes: digital manips, handdrawn/digital, fanvids, mixes, icons (10 minimum), chapter headers, covers, wallpapers, baked goods, etc.

If there's anything you won't work with content wise, please specific in the form :)

FAQ + Rules

Feb. 5th, 2013 07:05 pm
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There's really not too many rules for this, but I've outlined a few below. If you have any questions, just leave a comment on this post.

Fic Lengths
- Big Bang: 10,000 word minimum
- Mini Bang: 5000 word minimum
- Tiny Bang: 1500 word minimum

You can move from one bang to another. Say you sign up to write a Tiny or Mini and you find yourself writing like a fiend, you can up it to a Big. And vice versa. Just let the mod know at the checkin (or story submit).

Can ther Trek be part of the story?
Yes. However....Voyager needs to be the focus. Don't take the NuCrew and put them in the Delta Quadrant - that won't count :P. But you can do crossovers with any version of Trek and other characters are welcome.

Genre Stuff + Ships
Pretty much everything is a go here. If you want to write some Tom/Harry/Chakotay tentacle pirate porn - go right ahead lol. As long as the Voyager crew/characters are the focus literally anything is welcome. All pairings, all genres, all AU/ARs, etc.


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